2021 60th Reunion

 Ron Thorkelson

Doug Hawley

Denes Esznyl Elsa Barczy's husband and Linda and Ken Whallon

Mary Vale and Karen Engelking

Sandra Hornibrook and husband Bill McCoy, Herb Sims in sunglasses, Doug Morton in plaid shirt

Bev Barnes and Carol Johnson, in the rear Janet Moen

Mike Keating

Barbara Gaboury, Carol Starkweather, Marlene Speck

Mel Davis and Wife Shelby Barbara Gaboury and Joan Goddard


Barb Gaboury Lonnie Hanson Carol Tebo

Barbara Gaboury  and Chris Jennings....Joan Goddard's grandson.

Barbara Gaboury and Chris Jennings , Joan Goddard's grandson

Carol Greer, Carol Starkweather, Kris Hogerton

Diane Fragall, Judy Hepner, Marlene Speck, Carol Starkweather


Carol Starkweather and Marlene Speck


Carol Starkweather


Crystal Moon, Barbara Gaboury, Pam O'Neal


Pam O'Neal and Crystal Moon

Crystal Moon and Karey Nornes in blue floral dress


Carol Tebo, Karey Nornes, Joan  Goddard, Dennis Bailey, Karen Engleking 


Carol Tebo, Tom Hanna, Lonnie Hanson

Carol Tebo

Crystal Moon, Barb Gaboury, Pam O'Neal

Crystal Moon and Pam O'Neal


Joan Goddard,  Fran Stoddard, Deanna Forge, Randy Roberts, Jim Gilbert in hat, Ken and Linda Whallon in rear.


Deanna Forge

Julie Green, Dennis Bailey, Karen Engelking,and Dick Green in suspenders

Julia and Dick Green

Diane Fragall, Judy Hepner, Marlene Speck, Carol Starkweather

Bev Barnes and Diane Fragall


Doug Hawley

Elza Barcsy and husband Denes Eszenyl

Herb Sims, Mike Keating, Denes Eszenyl,, Kurt Langfeldt, Marv Price and Don Quilici, leaning against post Doug Morton.

Joan Goddard and Fran Stoddard

Judy Hepner, Fran Stoddrd, Joan Goddard, Carol Tebo

Joan Goddard, Tom Hanna, Fran Stoddard, Chris Jennings is Joan Goddard's grandson


Sandra Hornibrook and husband Bill McCoy, Judy Hepner, Fran Stoddard

Ron Thorkelson talking to Sandra Hornibrook, Doug Brenner, Bill Yung talking to Fred Lamb, Ken and Linda Whallon



Amy, Joan Goddard's grandson's girlfriend, she took a lot of these photos.


Shelby wife of Mel Davis in mask don't know who she is talking to.


Marv Price talking to Doug Morton and Kurt Langfeldt

Sandra Hornibrook and husband Bill McCoy


David Wilmoth Joan Goddard, Barbara Gaboury 

Bill Yung

Seated Bill McCoy husband of Sandra Hornibrook and Elsa Barczy


Jim Gilbert

Bev Barnes Diane Fragall and Jo Rucci



Ken Wilmoth, Bob Shelley, Bill McCoy Sandra Hornibrook's husband, Ron Thorkelson, plaid shirt Doug Morton, Marv Price tan cap

Mary Vale, blue shirt Kurt Langfeldt, Don Quilici, Diane Fragall and Fred Lamb. Doug Morton Reading, Denes Eszenyl Elsa Barczy's husband


Julie wife of Dick Green and Dick in suspenders.


Karey Nornes and Joan Goddard


Carol Johnson, Joan Goddard, Karey Nornes and Norm Olson

Jim Gilbert in hat

Fran Stoddard, Joan Goddard and Carol Johnson, Ron Thorkelson

Fran Stoddard, Joan Goddard, Carol Tebo, Carol Johnson, Ron Thorkelson

Don Quilici talking to Fred Lamb, Diane Fragall and Marv Price


Rose wife of Stan West, he's with his back toward the camera, Bob Shelley blue shirt

Rose and Stan West, Bob Shelley

Mary Vale, Don Quilici, Herb Sims


Pam O'Neal, man in blue shirt?, Doug Brenner, Sandra Hornibrook

Fred Lamb in White T-shirt, Juile Green Dick's wife, Elsa Barczy and husband Denes Eszenyl, Herb Sims

In Middle, light colored shirt, Don Quilici

Judy Hepner, Elsa Barczy and husband Denes Eszenyl, Joan Goddard and Fran Stoddard

Fran Stoddard

Janet Moen talking to Fred Lamb, white shirts

Janet Moen, Lonnie Hanson, Carol Johnson, Deanna Forge, Carol Tebo, Randy Roberts

Janet Moen, Bob Shelley lue print shirt, Stan West in blue cap,  Norm Olsen in shorts

Janet Moen and Fred Lamb in white


Ron Thorkelson Fran Stoddard and Joan Goddard 

Mel Davis and Joan Goddard

Dick Green and wife Julie,  Jo Rucci with walker, Barb Gaboury and Joan Goddard

Judy Hepner, Dennis Bailey, Karen Engleking, Doug Brenner, Joan Goddard, Fran Stoddard

Judy Hepner

Carol Tebo, Karey Nornes, Dennia Bailey, Karen Engelking, Joan Goddard

Karen Engelking and Mary Vale, Julie Green wife of Dick in rear

Ken and Linda Whallon, Jim Gilbert in hat

Kris Hogerton, Carol Starkweather, Carol Greer

Jim Gilbert, Linda and Ken Whallon, Joan Goddard and Fran Stoddard

Lonnie Hanson, Doug Brenner, Randy Roberts husband of Deanna Forge,Tom Hanna,, Ron Thorkelson in rear

Lonnie Hanson and Doug Brenner 

Marlene Speck, Carol Starkweather, Lonnie Hanson Deanna Forge

Ron Thorkelson, Marlene Speck, Fran Stoddard, Joan Goddard

Ron Thorkelson, Marlene Speck, Doug Brenner, Fran Stoddard, Joan Goddard


Marv Price, Judy Hepner, Crystal Moon, Pam O'Neal, Fran Stoddard

Marv Price

Mary Vale, Deanna Forge, Lonnie Hanson, In rear, Janet Moen, Sandra Hornibrook and husband Bill McCoy

Pam O'Neal

Phyllis Herring and husband George Yager and Doug Brenner

Carol Tebo, Marv Price, Crystal Moon, Pam O'Neal, Fran Stoddard, Joan Goddard


Unknown woman in red and man in gray,  Shelby and Mel Davis,  Barb Gaboury

Rudy Voitel Kris Hogerton's husband, Mike Keating, Gordon Brewer, Carol Greer

Sandra Hornibrook and husband Bill McCoy and Don Quilici

Tom Hanna and Carol Tebo

Lonnie Hanson, Doug Brenner, Randy Roberts Deanna Forge's husband, Tom Hanna,


Tom Hanna, Lonnie Hanson and Carol Tebo

Tom Hanna, Lonnie Hanson, Crystal Moon, Pam O'Neal, Judy Hepner, Fran Stoddard, Marv Price

Karey Nornes

Gordon Brewer

Herb Sims

Diane Fragall

Fran Stoddard